Sprng Renewable Energy – 300MW, TN

Sprng Renewable Energy – 300MW, TN


300 MW

PPA Tenure

25 Years


2.51 INR/kWh



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Project Details
Tamil Nadu

Coming on the heels of Gujarat wind project, the closure of Spring season resulted in another project blossoming in company’s short history. On 05/04/2018, we won our third project overall and second project in wind, under Tranche IV auction carried out by Solar Energy Corporation of India Limited (SECI) at a tariff of INR 2.51/kwh. The bidding story is rich and interesting… If one would have been present at our famous “war room”, he would have experienced a rich satisfaction of being in world’s fasted roller coaster ride… The auction clock started showing the last 10 seconds and till last second since no change happened in the bidding order everyone thought the bid was over and jumped from their seats but one of our competitors (who unfortunately didn’t win!!) did change the tariff and clock started ticking again… Alas, the disappointment didn’t last long and as soon as this clock over we had won …

This was a project where we were exploring various possible options for location. After days of hectic and frenzied discussions, we zeroed in on a location which the wind team famously refers to as “Museum of Indian Wind Industry” owing to presence of turbines of all types and sizes from wooden windmills belonging to Victorian Age to the high capacity turbines with Rotor Diameters of more than 120 m.

The site is located in Mulanur in Tirupur district of Tamilnadu which is famous for its drumsticks and the lily market. The project is located near to the famous Pallakad gap which is responsible for high winds coming in from western belt into the districts of Coimbatore and Tirupur. The project shall be located in plain terrain accompanying hundreds of installed wind turbines and hopes to leave a mark on history of Mulanur