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Development Track Record

Platform Incorporation

DEC 2016

FEB 2017

250 MW Solar project awarded - The First !

197.5 MW Wind Project awarded

DEC 2017

May, 2018

5 MW Solar project commissioned

300 MW Wind project awarded

JUN 2018

JUN 2018

250 MW Solar project awarded

250 MW Solar project awarded

Jul 2018

Mar 2019

Acquisition of 194 MW Solar projects

245 MW Solar project commissioned

May 2019

December, 2019

197.5 MW Wind project commissioned

54 MW Solar project commissioned

November, 2020

Jan, 2021

98 MW Solar project commissioned

120 MW Solar project awarded

Mar, 2021

Mar, 2021

153 MW Wind project commissioned

76.5 MW Solar project commissioned

Apr 2021

May 2021

21.5 MW Solar project commissioned

75 MW Wind Project Commissioned

July 2021

Oct, 2021

250 MW operational solar project

72 MW Wind Project Commissioned

Oct 2021

November 2021

250 MW operational solar project

200 MW solar power project awarded

March 22


A Renewable Energy Platform

Sprng Energy, a renewable energy platform was set up in India with an initial aim to set up c.2.5GW (1.4% of 175 GW of the then  target set up by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India) of renewable energy capacity (solar and wind) by 2022.  In August'2022, Shell Overseas Investment B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell plc, acquired 100% stake in Sprng Energy from Actis - a leading global investor in sustainable infrastructure. Till date, we have a cumulative contracted capacity of 3000.48 MWp out of which solar forms 2502.98MWp and balance 497.5MW wind. Further, 1633.98MWp of solar and 497.5MW of wind stands operational.

Sprng Energy By The Numbers
3000.48 MWp
Total Capacity
2131.48 MWp
Operational Capacity
Environmental Parameters (Till Feb 15th, 2021)
CO2 emission
CO2 emissions abated in tonnes
teak trees
No of teak trees saved in nos
Coal saved in tonnes
fuel oil
Fuel oil in litres

What We Do

India aspires to derive 50% of the nation’s energy needs from renewable sources by 2030, Sprng is driving that aspiration into reality.

Our Projects

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It weaves a unique enchanting story around it with every character involved portraying different hues and shades of opinion… Some stories may be as beautiful and soothing as a weaver bird’s nest, remaining full of chaos and anarchy observed when entanglement occurs in a spider’s web. Bottomline is these remain embedded in every fabric of every Homo Sapien who was ever involved in the project. Every project at Sprng has its own tales to tell and herewith we take you on a journey behind every project that we have won…

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