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Delivering Power & Progress, Sustainably

Sprng paints India's future with sunshine and wind's whispers, weaving a green revolution one vibrant thread at a time. Imagine a future bathed in golden sunlight, where the wind's gentle song carries the melody of possibility. That's the future we're building, brick by solar panel, blade by wind turbine. In 2016 - A tiny seed, Sprng, took root in fertile ambition. By 2022, it soared past 2.5 GW, its branches outstretched.
Then, Shell, recognizing our burgeoning forest, joined hands, adding fuel to the fire. Today, we stand tall, a verdant expanse of 3000.48 MWp, 1633.98 MWp of solar and 497.5 MW of wind painting landscapes with sunshine and whispering promises of clean air. Together, let's turn India's future green, page by sunbeam, verse by wind turbine.



Contracted (Total) Capacity



Operational Capacity

Delivering Power & Progress, Sustainably

Sprng Energy's journey is a testament to our unwavering belief in a sustainable future for India.

Illuminating not just landscapes, but a brighter tomorrow for generations to come.

Our Vision
for a Sustainable Future

Nurturing a Greener Tomorrow

At Sprng Energy, we believe in a world brimming with hope, powered by clean energy and fueled by compassion. It's this belief that shapes every decision we make, every project we undertake, and every innovation we pursue.


We're passionate about minimizing our environmental impact. Each sunbeam harnessed, each wind turbine humming, is a testament to our unwavering dedication to a cleaner, greener planet.

Innovation with Impact

Our researchers and developers tirelessly push boundaries. Their breakthroughs aren't just advancements; they're seeds of hope, paving the way for a brighter future.

Reliability with Empathy

We ensure our technology serves not just needs, but dreams. Every watt delivered becomes a beacon of opportunity, empowering communities and igniting sustainable growth.

Community Focus - Beyond Power, Building Futures

It's about empowering communities. We create not just sustainable energy sources, but sustainable futures, weaving our projects into the very fabric of village life, fostering growth and igniting possibilities.

Sprng Energy isn't just a company; it's a movement. We are driven by a belief in a future where progress and compassion go hand in hand, where innovation serves not just advancement, but humanity.

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We Are Here To Transform Our Future - Watt by Watt



12796372.02 Tones

CO2 emissions abated


Teak trees saved

10923732.22 Tones

Coal saved

15605331.74 Liters

Fuel saved

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