Sprng Soura Kiran – 250MW, AP

Capacity | 250 MW
Tariff | 2.70 INR/kWh
PPA TENURE | 25 Years

Village | Kadapa
District | Kadapa
State | Andhra Pradesh
Latitude | 14.46°N
Longitude | 78.78°S
Status | Under Construction
Land | Solar Park
Offtaker | SECI
Tendering | SECI
On 06thJuly, 2018 we won our 250 MW solar project. The final results were uncannily similar to the last NTPC Anantpur bid as all the three winners who won this bid had won the previous one as well. The project is proposed to come up in  a solar park proposed to be established Kadapa located in the Rayalseema region of the south-central part of Andhra Pradesh falling in between India’s iconic Eastern and Western Ghats. Within the vicinity one will witness the Nallamala and Palkonda Hills serving as a gateway to the scared hills of Tirumala. Kadapa has been a place where India’s political history has taken shape with evidence of Mauryas, Satvahanas, Chalukyas, Cholas, Pallavas, Nizams, Cholas, Vijayanagara kings and Tipu Sultan – all occupying prominent place in Indian history ruling once upon a time. Kadapa has contributed to rise of one of the most prominent foreigner Sir Thomas Munro of 18th century – the father of ill famous Ryotwari system and indirect contributor to formation of Presidency College in India. The incidents of Gandhi Kshetram and Mantralayam associated with him are a treat to hear!  The project is located in an area dominated by black and red soils with stone boulders making up the project site. Clearing the same and construction the project in timelines will be tough but the team is up for challenges.

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