Actis is a private equity fund manager that invests (through the various funds it manages) exclusively in the world’s growth markets.

Actis was created in 2004 as a management buy-out from CDC Group plc and is owned by its partners. Headquartered in London, with a portfolio of investments in South Asia, South East Asia, Africa, Latin America and China, Actis has raised c. US$11bn of funds since its inception.

To date, Actis has raised four Energy funds, of which the first is fully exited, second is virtually fully exited, the third, Actis Energy 3, closed in December 2013 with $1.4bn of available capital and is presently being invested and the fourth and the most recent, Actis Energy 4, closed in Mar 2017 with US$2.75bn of available capital and is also being presently invested (together “Actis Energy”). The Actis Energy funds are entirely focused on power generation and power distribution opportunities. Actis has invested more than US$2.5 billion of equity into 30+ energy companies across 26 countries since 2002, amounting to circa 15GW of generation capacity built and 68m people accessing energy. The annual retun for Sprng Energy for the financial year 2019-2020 is attached here Annual Return. The AGM notice for Sprng Energy is attached hereSEPL – Notice of AGM – 24.09.2021

“We’ll grow Sprng the way we grew Ostro,”

says Actis’s Aggarwal  

Sprng Energy Pvt. Ltd

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